About Us

Wrapt Essentials was created to inspire giving more in a reusable and unique way!

My big 40th Birthday was around the corner and it was weighing heavily on me. I had to get moving on this passion for my own business. Sleep deprived and burned out from working 2:30am to noon five days a week and being a full time mom. It was the Japanese furoshiki that was my initial inspiration. Simple fabric, a decorative edge, it seemed easy. Why is this not popular in the United States? Fabric wrap for gift giving! Then I found out the idea was beginning to trend in different ways as I researched. 

Wrap kits for gift giving began to emerge for me and my Serger Machine … although I had no sewing skills! Wait, What? 

As I pondered further the whole idea of fabric wrapping special gifts it occurred to me, why not a wrap for greeting cards, making the card a beautifully wrapped Gift! I came up with a design, then it evolved into the Gift Card fabric wrap. (as I had only seen with tiny boxes). The next great idea and new concept became the Treat Wrap, same design, but for a plate of goodies or pie to give the lucky next door neighbor! 

Now, the good news is that this whole thing is reusable. And no paper, scissors or tape involved. Any time you give it, encourage the receiver to pass it on! 

Inspiring others to be thoughtful of sharing and giving is truly the inspiration of it all.